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How to create an eco-friendly office: 5 trends to follow in 2021

Over the past few years, being environmentally conscious has become the new norm. At home, most of us recycle, avoid utilizing single-use plastic, are mindful about our water and energy consumption and opt for organic produce.

The question is, how can we make our offices as green as our homes?


In this article we will go through five interior design trends you need to follow in 2021 in order to bring sustainability to your workplace, so read on!


Use sustainable materials


When it comes to sustainable materials, today’s market is bursting with options fit for any budget and aesthetic, and one quick Google search is enough to discover that.


One Google search is also enough to learn that cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can opt for, be it for your flooring, accessories, shoes, furniture… you name it.


Why, you may ask?

- Cork is a material that regenerates after each extraction

- One single cork oak tree can live up to 200 years, during which period it can be harvested between 15 to 18 times.

- Cork is a natural and sustainable material

- Cork is 100% recyclable.


Amorim WISE is a brand born from the concept of Circular Economy, applied in the production process itself. We incorporate all the waste generated during the production process, with the aim of transforming it into a useful product.


This way, we strive to have the most positive impact on nature that we can. Here’s how:

- We don’t damage or cut any trees.

- We incorporate all cork waste into our production process

- Our factories are located within just a few kilometers of the forests.

- More than 60% of the energy the Amorim Group uses during the production process comes from cork dust.


All of this has helped us create products with negative carbon balance and, as such, allowed us to do our part in reducing Global Warming Potential.



Buy second-hand furniture


Second-hand shopping has become a huge trend over the past few years, and quite an eco-friendly one, as it helps minimize waste and pollution.

Just think about: do you really need your office desks or drawers to be brand new, especially when finding used furniture in stellar quality is so incredibly easy?


Our suggestion is that you take a look at Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, because chances are that you will find someone selling exactly what you are looking for at a great price!



Switch to LED lights


Having the lights on when there is still enough natural light shining through a room is a mistake we have all committed before, but it’s also one that is easy to avoid. One simple yet effective way to do so is by having signs by the light switches, reminding people not to carelessly turn them on.



Add a touch of nature to the space


Have you ever heard of biophilic design? It's the term we use to describe a design technique that, through natural materials, uses strategies that directly connect a space with nature.


One single plant can change the whole aesthetic and vibe of a room! In fact, indoor plants help minimize indoor air pollution and carbon dioxide levels. If you add our natural cork visuals to the "natural" touch of your room, it can become your perfect space to reconnect with mother nature.



Improve your energy efficiency


Everybody wins when you decide to turn your office into a more sustainable place: you do your part in helping the environment, while saving money and improving employee satisfaction. So the question is, why not do it in 2021?


Take the first step by getting in touch with Amorim WISE and switching to cork flooring. By doing so, not only will you ensure that your flooring is eco-friendly, but you will also be promoting your team’s health and comfort in the workplace - and who doesn’t want to work at a company that is truly invested in such important matters?

If you have any questions about cork flooring, contact us!

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